Coffee, Tea, Cream & Sugar by Patty Borgman

Fine Arts Department is a part of The Sculpture Store that encourages the artistically and sculpturally inclined to work, inquire, and submit works of art for reproduction.  If you have made some interesting things, intend to or want to do some really cool project, reach out to us and see where we can help you out.  We are offering artists and non-artists an opportunity to work with us much like a printmaker works with painters.  We understand and can handle the process of reproducing 3 dimensional works of art and can give you a forum for showcasing and selling if so desired.

Our first artist at The Sculpture Store is Patty Borgman. Patty has worked in commercial art for over 20 years, developing software, designing t-shirts and recently finished illustrating her first children's book. Coffee, Tea, Cream & Sugar is whimsical branding of our daily rituals, using phrases and reliefs.

Patty worked out the original design in clay and mixed media, we helped her build it with an understanding of the replication procedures and what is required to facilitate our molding process.  Each work is signed and dated by the artist. This decor trio would enhance any kitchen, den or dining room, available in a color wash or white.

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