The Train Track of Art History

Art History Sculpture


     I had an art history professor that said "There is a train track of art history that goes from Egypt to present day."  At The Sculpture Store we have art going back to Greek and Egyptian times.   Art was depicted as a representational or realistic endeavor and the cave paintings in Lascaux began the visual archetype that evolved into Mesopotamian and Egyptian art, which influenced each other with Egypt creating a high point in art and architecture that influenced the Greeks which lead to the Etruscans and Romans, then the Renaissance, Neo-Classical, Realism and after it seems we evolved to the height of realism, we were treated with the visually poetic movement of impressionism that began to break down images and sculptures into forms, marks on surfaces and ideas.  

     Art is still being made and added to from these roots. An artist I knew used to say, "I am glad Cezanne worked so hard so I don't have to."  He was right!  We learn from artists by what they made and where they went with their ideas, learning by doing mannerist works but we excel where they left off.  The leaving off is an incredible launching pad for discovery.  It is easy to thank the limners, early house painters in American Art for their efforts, as they pushed the needle in the United States, primitively painting early settler's portraits in-between painting their home exteriors.  They helped Mary Cassatt, Edward Hopper and Jackson Pollack arrive at their moment in the time they needed.  

     As I walk through The Sculpture Store, a vast 12,000 square foot space filled with castings, molds and scattered art that didn't make the cut, I am struck by the  compendium of the train track of art history all in one place in front of me.  I will see a plaque of hieroglyphics with Ramses ll, The Roman head of a Greek Athlete, Leonardo's Vitruvian Man, Antonio Canova's Lions, Rodin's Kiss all in a glance across the room.  I feel the connection to that "train track" as I move about, and I am enhanced by them being here.  We have clients that sprinkle their gardens and homes with our sculptures and I totally understand what they are doing.  They see it every day and so do I.  

     C.S. Lewis said, "There is no survival value in art, but it gives value to survival."  We hope you enjoy the works of art you have.  We at The Sculpture Store work hard to make those experiences the best they possibly can by crafting sculptures that meet our personal expectations.  If you are ever in Miamisburg, Ohio give us a call and if we are free we'd be glad to show you around and let you experience what we do every day.  


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